Common Misconceptions About Belize That You Need To Know Before You Visit

common misconceptions about Belize

common misconceptions about Belize

Like many countries, there can be a great deal of confusion or misunderstanding when it comes to Belize. This article has been written in order to educate people who might initially pass on visiting the country and to encourage them to satisfy their curiosity.

They Only Speak Spanish

While it is true that Spanish is a very common language in Belize, English is its official language; all legal documents are and signs feature the English language and English is a major class at all school grade levels.

The Temperatures are Unreasonably Hot Year-round

Belize’s warm climate is considered a perk of living or visiting. While some people worry about scorching hot temperatures and streaks of sunny days, Belize’s general temperature ranges between 75° and 80°, a range considered ideal for living by many. Belize also has notable wet and dry seasons, with temperatures cooling within the higher elevations.

International Goods are Insanely Pricey.

While the cost of living in Belize is on the low end of the scale, some believe this figure only accounts for local food and necessities. That justification is far from the reality; imported goods, especially European or Asian goods tend to be far more costly than locally-available ones with quality comparable to what you might find in the States. It is a rule of global commerce that imported goods always cost more than what is available domestically.

Belize is Just Like Every Other Central American Nation.

Belize is a small nation situated right between Guatemala and Mexico. Despite this closeness, Belize has a cultural identity unique to itself. For starters, Belize was colonized by the British, instead of the Spanish conquerors, and has more in common with the Caribbean than most Central American nations. Belize has its own worthy examples of dance, speech, and food that cannot be found anywhere else within Central America.

The Country is Wholly Rural.

Belize is far more than just pastoral vistas of jungle and beaches and actually has quite the developed infrastructure with many bustling settlements. Anyone needing cellular phone coverage, cable TV, WiFi or even an international flight will not be left wanting.

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