End of the world marathon

Main End of the World Marathon

The Mayans civilizations occupied Belize for centuries. The last Mayan calendar dates back to at least the 5th century BCE (Before Common Era) and was to end on December 12, 2012, also known as the “End of the World.” In honor and in reference to this calendar, Placencia established the End Of The World Marathon in early December 2012. 
Since the world didn’t actually end with the Mayan calendar, Placencia has continued this yearly event in the same name, now in honor of the distinguished writer Aldous Huxley, who wrote in 1934 about Belize “If the world had any ends, British Honduras would certainly be one of them.”
Not only is the event special because of the history but it’s main purpose is actually a fundraiser to raise monies to send the children of the village to high school. 
As a proud contributor to local events, Mariposa partakes in the “End of the World” Marathon providing a water station for runners and participants. In addition, Mariposa has hosted many of the runners from several countries of the last few years.
Come join the Mariposa team while cheering on this year’s runners!
More information on this event or to register to participate, visit http://runbelize.org