Must-See Maya Ruins in Southern Belize

Must-See Maya Ruins in Southern Belize

Must-See Maya Ruins in Southern Belize

Belize’s history goes back for thousands of years. The ancient Maya established many important settlements, ceremonial centers, and cities in this region. The Maya were a vast, incredibly advanced civilization that endured from 2600 BC to the sixteenth century.

If you’re staying in the southern part of Belize, you have a wide choice of Maya ruins to visit. Check out these fascinating places that will transport you to a mysterious time.

Nim Li Punit

This large site gets its name, which means “big hat,” from a carved figure wearing a hat. It includes more than 120 acres of grassy walkways, ball courts, and plazas. It also has several monuments to Maya gods and spirits.

The site has two museums where you’ll find artifacts and relics. You’ll also find information and displays about the clothing, diet, language, and spiritual practices of the Maya.


This is the largest Maya site in southern Belize. Lubaantun is famous because it’s primarily built from slate rather than limestone, which is the building material of most other Maya cities. It is also a great example of mortar-free construction. Lubaantun gets its name from a crystal skull that archeologists discovered here in 1926.


Nestled among the foothills of the Maya Mountains, this was a ceremonial site that housed temples and places of deity worship. Uxbenka is a wonderful example of the Maya practice of terracing hills for planting. The Maya invented this advanced farming technique that is still in use today. Archeologists believe Uxbenka was founded as an offshoot or suburb of Nim Li Punit.


This is one of the most remote Maya sites in Belize. You’ll travel through dense jungle to reach this once-mighty city. Pusilha was home to important Maya ruling families. Its location between two rivers turned Pusilha into a wealthy trading center. Researchers are still learning how an elite city conducted itself from the evidence they’re finding at Pusilha.

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