September In Belize

Mariposa Beach Suites

Belize is a wonderful place in September and Mariposa Beach Suites and Resort wants to help you take part in the celebrations! Belize garned its independance on September 10th 1798 and has been celebrated ever since. This day celebrates Belize’s independance from Spain and is also known as ‘Battle of St. George’s Caye’ day after a naval battle of Belize’s coast. The wonderful Citizen’s Parade fills the streets and is accompanied by many days of celebration including pageants, concerts and talent shows.

The celebrations continue throughout the weeks leading up to September 21st which is celebrated as Belize’s independance from Britain since 1981. More parades and a Carnival help to spread the joy and festivities around to all those in Belize. Mariposa would love to be your host for experiencing Belize’s wonderful celebrations. Come join us!