Soaring to new Heights

Placencia Belize Beach Resort

Bruce and Sharon came to Belize in hopes of finding an exquisite location to build their vision. They were looking for a place that boasts raw beauty, a place untouched by commercialism and stress. Their hopes were fulfilled when they came to Placencia. Nestled on two acres of ocean front land and picturesque littoral forests, Mariposa is a Belizean treasure. 

Since opening their doors in 2014, the founders of Mariposa have embraced village life. First and foremost, Bruce and Sharon are dedicated to hiring their staff from Belize. With increased development and competition on the peninsula, resorts like Mariposa, with a one hundred percent Belizean staff, are gems in the growing foreigner led industry. 

From funding various events throughout the community to starting their very own “Pay it Forward” children’s birthday party program, the staff at Mariposa believe in the power of connection. Mariposa proudly hosts various community events including New Years Eve potlucks and delicious Thanksgiving dinners. One of the most exciting projects to come in the near future is a community vegetable and fruit garden. Mariposa’s vast garden includes over five hundred plants, each plant labeled with educational signs for all ages to enjoy. 

In the past, Mariposa offered three lovely beachfront suites for their guests. The stunning and spacious suites have been a Trip Advisor favorite! With 2016 quickly approaching, Bruce and Sharon knew they wanted to expand to include more options for their guests. Expansion for resorts in Belize can be a difficult venture as there is so much to consider from an ecological perspective. The founders of Mariposa, along with the top-notch local construction company, Arregis Construction, put their heads together and came up with a solution: rustic tree houses. The six expansive tree houses are nestled amongst the forest on Mariposa’s property. Tastefully decorated through local vendors, Mariposa is happy to announce the expansion will allow larger groups to visit and experience the magic of Belize.

Guests and locals alike visit Mariposa for their award winning Caribbean facing restaurant. With plentiful breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and access to the beach side pool, the meal and company are guaranteed to satisfy. If you have any allergies or food restrictions, Mariposa will gladly accommodate you and make sure your dining experience is the best one yet. The Mariposa bar offers extensive selections including local liquors and beers as well as imported whiskeys and wines.

Mariposa enthusiastically welcomes all guests, from the local family looking for a relaxing day spent lounging by the pool, to the traveling couple seeking adventure. For more information about Mariposa, Bruce and Sharon Maddison can be reached at 523-4474 or 610-4473. Email inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

Soaring to New Heights in 2016 
By: April Brown