Prepare to Fall in Love With Belize’s Whale Sharks

belize whale sharks

belize whale sharks

Love is in the air. Flowers and trees are blooming and winter is fading into history along with the pandemic that caused most of us to vanquish our 2020 calendars. What better way to celebrate spring than making friends with Belize whale sharks? Sound scary? It could be – especially if the only sharks you’ve heard about are menacing predators eager to feast on swimmers or you’re still recovering from the movie “Jaws.” But whale sharks are a unique breed – gentle, shy giants that couldn’t be menacing if they tried. And they’re about to return to Belize on their annual migration.

As shark is a shark, right?

Not exactly. Sharks have been around longer than we have. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that more than 1,000 species populate the world’s oceans and these formidable creatures can weigh up to 11 tons and measure 40-feet long. Despite this diversity, whale sharks are unique among the world’s population, exhibiting predictable habits and behaviors, like returning to their breeding grounds every year like clockwork.

Whale shark season is big in Belize and it launches two days before the full moons during the months of March, April, May and June. Visitors eager to see these marine animals flock to Belize and you’re invited to join them on a trip to Gladden Spit Marine Reserve off the coast of Placencia. Sound good? Come down in time for the full moons on March 27th, April 26th, May 26th or June 24th.

Where to stay during your big adventure

Proximity is the key to a whale shark experience, so stay where visitors who return for this annual ritual stay: Mariposa Beach Resort. Not only will you relax in the lap of luxury, but depending upon your travel dates, you’ll get plenty of shark time during your stay.

The resort’s popular vacation packages include lush accommodations, gourmet meals and lots of amenities in addition to time spent with expert guides who thoroughly prepare and escort visitors to the sharks. Mariposa Beach follows stringent health and hygiene measures in accordance with Covid-prevention protocols, so you’ll be safe both in and out of the water.

There’s more to delight you

Book a stay at Mariposa Beach during shark season and you’ll be offered a long list of other activities and entertainments during your vacation. Discover the resort’s spa, choose from land and sea tours and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing in addition to beach time.

Everything about your stay at Mariposa Beach Resort on Placencia will be more idyllic than you imagine – including your time with the sharks – but keep this in mind: Calendar dates fill fast during these brief windows of opportunity, so if this sounds like the adventure of a lifetime, book right now before the 2021 season is history.