When Visiting the Newly Unveiled Placencia Sign, Vacation With Mariposa Beach Resort

placencia sign

placencia sign

Perhaps it could be described as one of the most artistic signs in the country set atop a tall, mounted, flat slab of cement, with its back squarely facing the deep blue Caribbean Sea, the PLACENCIA sign, molded in a three-dimensional looking collage style, of colorful images each representing the backbone of the tiny fishing village is becoming quite an attractive landmark for hungry vacationers, seeking an opportunity to snap that perfect vacation portrait.

The colorful landmark, which was only unveiled a couple of weeks ago, sits on the northern end of Placencia and offers vacationers a snapshot of the untamed, rich historical and ecological makeup of the sleepy fishing village. The first two letters of the sign tell the tale of the heavenly sight that greets locals at the dawn of each day while the bold figure of two fishermen stooping over in anticipation of their next big catch is something that the majority of the locals are familiar with.The third image, set in the same golden backdrop is that of a salt-water tarpon, a species that is known to grace the southern part of the country with its presence.

The mid-portion of the sign of a deep blue shade and, significantly different in color from the previous ones, showcase a lone diver, fitted in diving gears and hovering above a whale shark is a representation of the seaside village being observed as a major snorkeling and diving destination. A source of income that also benefits a considerable amount of its citizenry.

Visit the Newly Unveiled Placencia Sign

Finally, the three remaining letters on the sign, though the last is not any less significant than the rest. Together they symbolize the abundant makeup of flora and fauna that can be found in the southern portion of the country. The first of the letters, of a blue morpho butterfly that gracefully sits atop, red hibiscus flowers depict the country’s inland scenery. The other two which captured the magnificent pose of Belize’s multicolored scarlet macaw parrot and gigantic jaguar, boast the rich and exotic nature of inland adventures that are available locally.

The entire combination and makeup of the signs is arguably a humble representation of Placencia’s diversity that due to its untouched and untamed qualities continues to have a magnetic effect on visitors from all walks of life. For vacationers, the best part about all this is that it offers the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the equally trending, colorful and exotic backdrop for that flawless Instagram, social media, or family picture that can only be taken in Belize, next to the almost human-sized Placencia sign.

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Vacation With Mariposas Beach Resort

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