Vacationing in Belize 2023: A Plan For Every Season

Vacation in Belize 2022

Vacation in Belize 2022

Belize has a reputation for having perfect weather all year long, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t seasonal differences here. Belize’s seasons may feel odd to visitors from the northern hemisphere, but when you choose to visit can have a huge impact on the experience you end up having. If you’re planning a vacation to Belize in 2023, here’s everything you need to know about when to plan your visit.


Winter constitutes the height of tourist season for Belize. That’s partly due to visitors from North America fleeing the snow for the temperate climate of the Caribbean, but it’s also a season with particularly reliable weather. Late November marks the start of the dry season in Belize, and the first few months of the year enjoy temperatures that average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and reliably sunny skies day in and out. But if you’re looking to avoid the crowds and costs, it might be best to wait until a little later in the season.


Seeing continues the dry season, and the months of April and May are often the most pleasant of the season thanks to calmer winds than those found during the winter. As a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, the spring season gravitates around Easter. Booking a stay anywhere around Easter — which falls on April 9th in 2023 — might require you to make plans significantly far in advance. The early spring months see slight rises in humidity; and as May turns into June, rain becomes more frequent. That’s not a bad thing, as the light precipitation tends to fall late at night or early in the morning and cool off the temperatures during the following day.


Prices for flights, hotels, and events plummet as the summer starts and the green season begins, but that makes it one of the best times to grab deals. And visiting after most tourists have packed up their things and left means that you can get a taste for what life is really like in Belize. The summer is the height of the lobster season, and the summer is home to two of the country’s biggest festivals: Carnival and La Costa Maya.


Fall represents the transition from the wet to the dry season and also the transition into the chaos of holiday bookings. Both humidity and average rainfall begin to taper off, but prices are still a long way off from hitting their peak. You might need to time your trip around the weather, but it’s worth it for the opportunity to avoid the crowds and immerse yourself in the local experience.

There’s no wrong time to visit Belize, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a right place to stay. Mariposa Beach Resort offers fantastic views and amenities no matter what season you choose to visit. Check out our Belize vacation packages and accommodations to discover how affordable a trip to paradise can really be.

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